Nightingale's Nest


I wished I were a tender being, just for you

but I'm not, so please

let me love you as I am

Stanza 1

I still can't understand, day or night

how your thoughts are made

both rose-petals silk and thornes

speaking a million languages in one voice

thousands of dialects out of one mouth

meanings covered in the same skin

I would touch for always – yours

Does it have a meaning in the language of flowers?

if I listen to them, you are indefinite, uncertain

but I shouldn't trust a nightshade in a recluse garden

talking about loveless nights, alone

I should trust no one, as they want us apart

but I trust this garden in the evening

it's a soft place to fall, an abrupt gentleness

and I know that too well, because I usually fall

fall in love and fall to pieces

Stanza 2

I am writing this facing the backyard

the plants and the shadows of the trees

they know that seasons change

and they are waiting, just like me

counting minutes, hours, and days – please, be the same

holding my hand fearlessly as the dark unfolds itself

in your emerald eyes

Are you coming this time?

it's a long walk through my mind

but, sooner or later, you'll find the nightingale's nest

near the garden, in the evening

I know the grounds are cold as an opal

rain clouds, nefarious pathways

I'll walk with you and grow flowers off your thoughts

paint the walls of your head in swimming colors

ad infinitum:

you are always going to be sapphire blue

light and vibrant

my heart burns there, too

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