Drew Braaten

The obvious common thread uniting my pieces is an impenetrable thread of optimism, hope, and luminescence—through the constancy of a sun motif. From the very beginning, a genuine love for life fuelled my investigation of happiness. As my inquiry jumped and stretched, my journey eventually led me to an ending point—or a starting point—with an abstracted sun as my artistic cornerstone. The sun proves beneficial twofold; artistically it creates a focal point to focus the eye; metaphorically it illuminates my belief that man is born to overcome with the sun’s radiant, everlasting nature paralleling man’s ability to find beauty in a sometimes fruitless existence. As long as the sun shines, happiness exists—and can exist within us all. With the sun selected as my artistic centrepiece, I set off exploring different mediums and mark-making techniques. While my mark-making trademarked displays predictable erraticism, as I moved farther in experimentation, my compositions and colour palettes shifted from piece to piece. Obvious from the first sight, each piece offers a new perspective, while never forgetting about the common thread of luminescence weaving the investigation together.