The Teenspire Magazine is an online teen publishing magazine. Built for teens, by teens. To become a creator is to join the international community! We are interested (but not limited to) the following creator applicants: 

*note you can apply for more than one area 


- Literary (poets, journalists, storytellers, reporters, etc.)

- Activists (current movement agenda and events, news, information, public messages, etc.)

- Fashion (personal style, environmentally conscious, current or past trends, brand shoutouts, etc.)

- Music (personal music, reviews, playlists, upcoming artists)

- Visual Art (paintings, sketchbook, drawings, sculptures, graphic arts, etc.)

- Pop culture (news, reviews, storytelling, etc.)

- Film (lara this is your thing, idk)

- Student research 

- Science and tech. (current projects, reports, articles, reviews, etc.)

- Behind the scenes (includes the business side of The Teenspire, working with companies and organizations along with creators)

Once accepted, creators choose the the frequency of work submissions and we help with monthly themes and prompts (if needed.) 

I'm Interested!