The Teenspire Magazine first started as a quarantine project in March 2020. It has now grown to a community with over 10 creators and multiple featured artists. A record of teens throughout the 2020's, The Teenspire connects and documents the teens of the world. We publish and feature work of those who inspire us to create and storytell. From all of us on The Teenspire team, we encourage you to seek creativity from the world around you and knowledge from the free digital universe. Go out there, find your passion and share it with us! 

Salma R.

Editor and Founder

Hello world! 

I started this magazine to tell and share the stories of teens in the 2020's for the initiative and creativity I see Gen Z unravel before me is breathtaking. I am truly inspired by those making a difference in our rapidly changing world. Our generation is here to make some noise and I am so proud to live it. I play the guitar and sing, create visual art, mainly photography and paintings, and enjoy learning about the technology world. Thank you so much for supporting the site, this means the world to me and I am so excited to share it. 


Vancouver, Canada

Lara R.

Editor and Creative Director


United Arab Emirates, Dubai

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